Physician-Client Testimonials

“CBLPath provides our practice with excellent turn-around-time and high quality reports delivered directly to my office via remote printer. Customer service is outstanding.”
Robert Kaplan, M.D.

"This is what I had always envisioned … state-of-the-art pathology services that meet the needs of our patients, and exceed the expectations of our surgeons. Thank you and congratulations to you and your team for establishing a truly first-class operation. All of your hard work has clearly paid off."
Robert B. Nelson, P.A.-C

"Fast, efficient and reliable."
Vincent Scarpinato, M.D.

“Being a breast surgeon, timely and accurate diagnoses are essential. A patient’s anxiety after a core biopsy or FNA is always high while waiting for the results. CBLPath provides me with the timely results and services that I require to give my patients the information they need concerning their conditions and to plan further treatment.”
Philip LoPresti, D.O.

“I am continually impressed by the level of service that CBLPath provides to my practice and my patients."
Sidney Thompson, M.D.

“What makes CBLPath the best pathology service … ? Accurate diagnoses. Timely service. High quality reports. Most important, a committed team of professionals that say what they will do and do what they say.”
Mushtag Shah, M.D.

“Our practice has been using CBLPath for nearly three years and is very happy that we made the switch from our prior lab. Not only are the turn-around-times faster, but the reports are accurate, clear and concise and we find the physicians more accessible and easier to communicate with.”
Matthew Nagorsky, M.D.

“As a physician, I am in awe of the degree of competence you showed in locating and documenting a tiny lesion…We are both aware of the tremendously improved prognosis provided by your early diagnosis."
Henry Shapiro, M.D.

“Under no circumstance can this [thyroid FNA] test be sent to any routine laboratory.”
Nora Varsano Aharon, M.D. Endocrinology and Metabolismas (corresponded to Oxford Health Plans)

"In addition to providing expert diagnoses and timely service, CBLPath provides a seamless interface to my endoscopy report writer and automates the entire requisition and reporting process.”
Michael L. Weinstein, M.D.

“A large mass was discovered by colonoscopy in a 23 year old patient. Because of the responsiveness of CBLPath’s representative, courier and pathologists the results were discussed with our practice 24 hours later. The speed of service comforted an anxious family and allowed the next step of the treatment to take place immediately.”
David Salowe, M.D.

“I am so impressed with [Dr. Sassoon’s] knowledgebase…in the field of Oculoplastics. My specimens are always read promptly, and the reports are faxed to my office the next day. Also, Dr. Sassoon is always happy to review the slides over the phone. Thanks for providing such a great service to me and my patients.”
Jessica Lattman, M.D.

“CBLPath is simply the best pathology resource available…They provide reliable diagnostic quality, rapid turn-around-time, the highest quality reports and outstanding customer service.”
David Ellis, M.D.

“CBLPath has outstanding uropathology expertise…a proven team that provides the diagnostic quality and timely service that I can rely upon. Their high quality reports are delivered directly into my office via their remote printer service. What could be easier? CBLPath delivers the best available quality and service.”
Barry Malin, M.D.