CBLPath Opens New Molecular Diagnostics Lab

Recent approvals from New York State Department of Health launch new capabilities


RYE BROOK, N.Y. — CBLPath has received approval from the New York State Department of Health to offer T and B cell gene rearrangement by PCR. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a molecular diagnostic technique used to amplify a single or few strands of DNA to create millions of copies of that sequence. This rapid, accurate technique is becoming increasingly important for the early diagnosis of malignant diseases such as leukemia and lymphomas.

“Our new PCR tests provide enhanced accuracy, specificity, sensitivity and throughput — benefits that can be applied to a broad range of samples,” said Dr. Carlos D. Urmacher, Chief Medical Officer, CBLPath. “PCR will provide valuable diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic information to enable physicians to develop efficacious therapies for their patients.”

Molecular testing is just one component of CBLPath’s offering to address the industry convergence of anatomic, molecular and digital pathology combined with radiology. The convergence is focused on integrating these different disciplines to deliver better diagnoses, faster.

“CBLPath has a unique leadership position in the convergence,” said David W. Bryant, Chief Executive Officer, CBLPath. “At the core of our organization are pathologists. Their expertise enables us to offer pragmatic, evidence-based, clinical solutions developed by medical professionals for medical professionals. With our added molecular capabilities, CBLPath is able to harness the full power of the convergence to provide better care to patients.”

CBLPath will continue to expand its test menu in the area of Molecular Diagnostics over the next several months. For more information as well as the complete test menu, please go to www.CBLPath.com.

About CBLPath
CBLPath is a national specialty lab offering a full convergence of anatomic, molecular and digital pathology services. The company provides a one-stop solution for comprehensive sub-specialized diagnostics, and timely, accurate, patient-centered disease management guidance. Through its Best Practice™ Partnership Program, CBLPath partners with pathologists to help them grow their practices, while giving them the ability to stay independent and “keep medicine local.” The company also provides sub-specialty physicians access to comprehensive, high-quality testing in their local market. Founded in 1988, CBLPath established a reputation for providing timely, highly accurate diagnoses along with extraordinary customer service and a true patient-centered commitment. For more about the company, please visit www.CBLPath.com.