CBLPath Honors Its Medical Staff

Medical Leadership Partners with Clients to Deliver Better Medicine, Faster


RYE BROOK, N.Y. — Since the inception of CBLPath, the company has prided itself on helping its clients deliver better medicine to their patients. One of the departments that is essential to achieving this is the Medical Staff. Over the course of a day, this department makes critical decisions more than 1,500 times and affects as many human lives. CBLPath has chosen December as the month in which to recognize and honor the Medical Staff for their contributions.

Under the leadership of Dr. Carlos D. Urmacher, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, the medical team of nearly 60 is comprised of board-certified, sub-specialty pathologists, and support staff.  In addition to the very important work of interpreting specimens and interacting with the company’s clients, the Medical Staff is constantly involved in education, innovation and updates throughout the organization.

“As the paradigm shift takes place in which academic centers become more involved in outreach programs and commercial laboratories become more academic, our team has adapted, becoming one of the leaders in the industry,” said Dr. Urmacher. “Our pathologists and support staff perform at exceptional levels to ensure the high quality of our work. This is a wonderful example of a team effort, working side-by-side to provide the best of patient care.”

In addition to the Medical Staff, CBLPath has approximately 250 employees across the United States. They work closely with the company’s clients, facilitating access to laboratory advances that enable management of cancer patients’ disease.

About CBLPath
CBLPath is a national specialty lab with a unique leadership position in the convergence of anatomic, molecular and digital pathology. Beginning from a clinical perspective, we harness molecular testing and digital pathology on an anatomic pathology foundation. CBLPath is committed to helping our clients deliver better medicine, faster. At our core are pathologists; excited about technology and innovation and its promise of helping patients. Through the Best Practice™ Partnership Program we help our pathologist-clients effectively compete against centralized reference laboratories, grow their Practice and remain independent — Keeping Medicine Local™. We provide our subspecialty physician clients comprehensive diagnostics and timely, accurate reports enabling the best patient care. For more about the company, please visit www.CBLPath.com.