Service Hallmarks

As a CBLPath breast pathology client, you benefit from the most comprehensive anatomic and molecular pathology services and expertise available. We offer all required tests to render a diagnosis along with:

•  Second opinions and call-backs for significant or unusual findings
•  Intradepartmental consensus conferences on all suspicious and malignant cases
•  Clear color reports with photomicrographs and easy-to-read results
•  Patented collection kit with wet-fixation transport for optimum FNA biopsy diagnostic yield
•  Reflex testing for ER, PR, Her-2/neu, Ki-67, p53 by IHC, and Her-2/neu by FISH
•  Quick results to render a diagnosis with 48-hour turnaround time
•  Reduced data entry time and potential for errors by interfacing with a variety of EMR and PMS tools through the web portal
•  More of your patients covered through our extensive list of managed care contracts
•  Coordination of your specimens by our centralized, lab-based Client Services Team