ThyroSeq® Next Generation Sequencing

ThyroSeq is an innovative test for thyroid nodules and cancer. With a 10-year history of continuous refinement, it incorporates all major scientific discoveries and utilizes advanced technology to provide the most accurate diagnosis of benign or malignant disease in thyroid nodules.

ThyroSeq® Genomic Classifier (GC) is a test for the pre-operative assessment of thyroid nodules with indeterminate cytology, which offers accurate assessment of cancer probability in a given nodule and additionally provides information on cancer prognostication, helping to select the most optimal patient management.

ThyroSeq incorporates all major scientific advances in thyroid cancer genetics and has more than 10-years' experience serving physicians and their patients with thyroid nodules and cancer. The first version of ThyroSeq was launched for clinical use at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as a seven-gene panel (ThyroSeq v0) in April of 2007. Until recently, the test was offered as ThyroSeq v2. Today, ThyroSeq v3 is available for clinical use.

CBLPath’s cytopathology expertise and UPMC’s revolutionary ThyroSeq is a combination that provides the most effective tools for a definitive diagnosis and decreases the largest number of avoidable diagnostic surgeries, thus providing the most cost-effective patient care.

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ROM = risk of malignancy

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