Case Studies

CBLPath's team of general surgical pathologists utilizes the latest technologies, including special stains, to aid in achieving definitive diagnoses.

Case Study 1:

An 87 year old male patient presents with a  2 cm mass in the liver. There is no known clinical history of malignancy. 

Histology: A core biopsy of the liver exhibits replacement by the normal tissue by an adenocarcinoma comprised of fused glands with enlarged nuclei and prominent nucleoli.

Immunophenotype: The neoplastic glands are nonreactive with antibodies to cytokeratin 7 and 20, but express prostate specific antigen and prostatic acid phosphatase.

Diagnosis: Metastatic prostatic adenocarcinoma (previously unknown diagnosis) involving the liver.

 Case Study 2:

A 62 year old male presents with a right nasal mass.

Histology: Underlying the respiratory epithelium, there is a proliferation of basaloid cells which exhibit a “sieve-like” pattern, with the luminal spaces being filled with basophilic material. In addition, there is dysplasia of the overlying metaplastic epithelium.

Immunophenotype/additional studies: The neoplastic cells are immunoreactive with antibodies to cytokeratin 7, p16 and p63. In-situ hybridization studies for high risk human papilloma virus is positive.

Diagnosis: Human Papillomavirus-Related Carcinoma with Adenoid Cystic-like Features.