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Our success in the healthcare arena is ultimately based on Sonic Healthcare Limited's commitment to Medical Leadership, quality diagnostics and an adherence to the ethical principles of the medical profession as well as the hard work and consistent delivery of excellent services by our dedicated staff.

Below find the pillars of Sonic's success.

Our Values

Each laboroatory in the United States is an independent entity, with its own management and medical team that are united by Sonic Healthcare's common values.

Medical Leadership

Medical Leadership facilitates the highest standards of professional and operational excellence for the doctors and patients that we serve.

Foundation Principles

Sonic’s Foundation Principles are designed to provide our staff with clear guidelines about the interaction between Sonic’s people and patients, doctors and healthcare organizations.

Sonic Healthcare USA

Sonic Healthcare USA is a division of Sonic Healthcare Limited, one of the largest diagnostic laboratory medicine companies. We aspire to help people live better, healthier lives